Island of Relaxation



Tonon is one of the most well-known brands in the international world of seating and complementary furniture. Founded in 1926 the upper Italian family business succeeds in producing seating furniture in traditional craftsmanship for varying lifestyles yet daily use. Each model of the brand Tonon is original and never trivial. A skilful mix of quality and design. This demand was to be newly interpreted in the form of a lounge-chair.



Design of an informally elegant yet modern lounge-chair. The seating furniture shall convey comfort and security and discreetly invite for daily relaxation. The ideal supplement for an either classic or contemporary room concept – business or private. 



A high level of autonomy in form and appearance is well displayed here. The chair does not only invite to sit down, but tempts to have a look. Each angle offers the observer sensual, perfect lines. Extremely dynamic, yet relaxed and comfy with sculptural effect – created by MARKUS KERKER – designing brand experience.


"Loft" persuades with its fluent, organic aesthetics.

The seamingly endless and perfect lines invite to take a seat and feel safe.

Each perspective plays with  calm, yet sensual dynamics.

Fluent lines till the tips until finally the matching stool.