Working together means to us.


We approach new projects with responsibility and attention in an interdisciplinary team.
We have the courage to question things and to put them into new contexts. The various experts´ views thus generate new insights and perspectives for the customer. We take a lot of time for this comprehensive overview, as we set the right steps for your success with that.


After this intensive information phase we select objectively and passionately, according to the priorities set by you. This phase covers several feedback loops, in order to make sure that we do not lose sight of the overall picture. You are naturally involved in each single one of those loops. 
That is how long-time partnerships develop.


Our target is to offer you fascinating, surprising and sensual solutions. We reflect all pros and cons once again and recommend the best solution under the given conditions. Internally we call this the „get to the heart of it“ phase.
This requires the backbone of all people involved, but also a respectful and appreciative interaction with each other.


The realisation of our ideas into sensual brand experiences requires openness and an eagerness to learn in order to inspire all participants. Just like a spark this burning enthusiasm leaps over to the target group as well. 
We live our credo „to perceive – analyse – reflect – act and to adapt“, in order to ensure your success.

Idealists - Thinkers – Makers 

Martina AUSTIN - Partner
Graphic design
Alex BAUER - Partner
Brand positioning, PR, Dialogue marketing 
Advertising, Campaigning
Mag. Susanne ERTL
Assistant to CEO, Office Management
Marketing, Customer Relationship Management
Günter JOST - Partner
Dipl. Des. FH Markus KERKER
Art director & Managing partner
Mag. Georg LOHMER - Partner
Graphic design
Dieter MESSNER - Partner
Web programming, SEO, App development
Axl NEWRKLA - Partner
Film production
Martin PABIS - Partner
Interior design, Product design, Visualisation
Mario PRICKEN - Partner
Innovation director
Markus Melcher
Product design, Visualisation
Wei-Chao TANG, MSc.
Graphic design, Product design,
Urban strategies in architecture
Graphic design
Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success."
Henry Ford