Experience sensuality

Design is quite a public art. It is born of the tension between human needs,
economy and art. That is why design is so exciting and challenging. 
For me design is closely related to music.
Both unfold an incredible effect on people
as they act immediately, on the emotional level. 
Music is able to unite, motivate, move.

With design it is similar, as the sensuous component is an essential element of creation.
Whenever my eyes follow a beautiful line, no matter if of a landscape,
a human being or a product, internal calm sets in.
Design is able to stir, fascinate, inspire.

To make this sensual perception experienced, understood and discovered,
that is the reason why I have founded this company. 
My aim is to fascinate by means of design and to put a smile on your face.

Markus Kerker
Managing Partner

Create fascination

To develop objects that are able to fascinate is a major challenge that we rise to anew, every day. 
That things thus actually work is a matter of course. But when a watch is just (another) watch, we have
done something wrong. Design has to be more than only to be appropriate.

This fascinating fact cannot be grasped with the mind alone.
It is the highest level of implementation – that is what my company stands for and
this is what I mean with „designing brand experience“.

The following quote wonderfully gets to the heart of it:

"During the last two-, three-hundred years the Western world has gradually infected the rest of the world
an emphasized concentration on the utilisable. The useful, purposeful. But that`s only half of being human."

Nicolaus Harnoncourt (1929 - 2016)

Driving forces for our ideas

Being exceptional

We are brave enough to ask the „right“ questions.
If you think in standards, you cannot create the future.
This means that we question the existing and like to think laterally.
We like to set ourselves tasks with enthusiasm and passion, in order to create something lasting.
Sensuality thereby plays an essential role for me, because the human being is and will always be the measure of all things.

Taking a 360° perspective

We love to have an eye to detail, but never lose sight of the total picture.
Whenever we address ourselves to a task, we are well aware of the fact that we only have a limited angle of view.  
Openness is therefore something essential in order to be able to fulfill a task and to capture all its facets and characteristics. 
Physical, as well as mental flexibility are thereby key factors.
Only when we have gathered an overall picture, we can align our thoughts and activities towards the future.

Having a spine

We invest in long-lasting partnerships.
In order to get to the heart of something our credo is: „to perceive – to analyse – to reflect – to act“.
To act confidently and to stand by one`s opinion are major elements to build up long-term efficient, successful and enriching relationships.
When we have finished our work, it is not yet over for us. We are interested in the people behind the tasks.

Your advantage

We stand for timeless, unique branding, design and marketing.

As a full-service agency our creative skill-set covers brand management, product- and graphic design, marketing as well as
digital concepts. Successful references present our practical approach to the „designing“ of „brand experience“.

I would love to support you in giving your brand a fascinating and unique appearance. Depending on the targets and activities
you want to realize – let`s just simply talk about it.

Got interested?
Just contact me personally.
I am looking forward to an interesting exchange with you.

Markus Kerker