Distinctive Sophistication



Bielefelder Werkstätten combine passionate craftsmanship with stylish design. Shaped by timeless, classic aesthetics being developed together with the current designer. The contemporary interpretation of passed on forms stands in the focus there. Exquisite spheres of life with fittings sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and dining sets - classic home environments for differenciated requirements thus arise. An innovative, yet classic home environment for 2017 was to be designed.



For the 2017 model development a pair of chairs (high-/low-rise) with an organic outer shell and elegantly appearing underframe and matching sofa was designed. The inner look – ideal type of the BW cushion look – should have a welcoming aspect. As a supplement for the ensemble a harmoniously matching lounge-table with stool should provide a comfortable area of communication for the private living room.



A characteristic line with high individuality and recognizability had been created. Based on the typical Bielefeld(ian) aesthetics sophisticated design-details display the contemporary interpretation of an exquisite home environment.

Interesting lines and the sensuality of soft shapes show contrasts and create tension.

Chair, sofa, stool and table from this line of models thus receive a high individuality with solitaire character and high market relevance within the BW-brand familiy.


The characteristic design theme of this programme is the dynamic cut-out on the armrests on sofa and seat-pair.

Calm and relaxing lines promise sitting comfort inviting to feel comfortable.

The welt with soft and spacious cushions takes up these lines and emphasizes this design element once again.